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Training, Consulting Service, Incident Investigation


Customised training solutions

About Staking U

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The leaders in Training, Consulting Service, Incident Investigation

Staking U Operators underground mapping 2

Staking U provides customised training solutions for companies and individuals working within industry by providing support and understanding necessary to enable alignment with best practices for working around utilities including professional instruction on the use of underground services locating equipment.

Staking U Asia Pacific provides comprehensive theoretical and hands on practical training in utility locating and damage prevention in the Asia Pacific region. With our affiliate programs in the USA and UK, we have access to a wide range of resources to ensure the best knowledge in EMI, (Electro Magnetic Induction) locating, GPR, (Ground Penetrating Radar) and non-destructive excavation.

Staking U

Our Trainers

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Our trainers have extensive locating experience throughout all areas of industry and have been involved in projects ranging from small excavation works up to some of the biggest major projects in Australia. All of our trainers are DBYD (DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG) Certified and carry Telstra Plant Locator Accreditation. We pride ourselves on familiarity with a large range of electromagnetic pipe and cable locating devices, including all major brands currently available in Australia. 

Staking U provides training in the operation of Ground Penetrating Radar. Access to qualified geophysicists means we have the best information on the workings of GPR units, allowing us to deliver training across all the usual brands and models of GPR on the market.

Contact or visit your local Staking U office today to arrange a personalised quote and solution for all your vacuum excavation and underground utility services.

Staking U

Consulting Service

Once these procedural reviews are completed, Staking U can assist in creating toolbox training sessions which will allow your staff and contractors to fully understand their obligations, requirements and permit systems.

The information from the field audits can then be used during a desktop review of procedures, permits and utility damage reports to ensure simplicity and comprehensiveness. This is also an opportunity to remove any conflicting information from your work instructions and procedures.

To help you introduce and maintain best practice in your projects, we can provide a number of options for auditing and reviewing your existing systems. The best approach starts with a field audit of your teams to determine where your existing procedures are being met, and where there is room for improvement.

Staking U can work closely with your management, engineering and safety personnel to review and advise on improvements necessary to prevent incidents, injury and damage to vital underground assets.

Staking U

Incident Investigation

If required Staking U, we can act as a subject matter expert.

Our consultants can attend and inspect sites to identify potential failures relating to inaccurate or inadequate locating activities undertaken, or provide advice based on desktop review of incidents and related records.

Staking U can assist in incident investigations and provide advice on technical and procedural aspects of locating which are often inadequately addressed during investigations involving damage to underground services.

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We deliver training to all levels of industry, from tier 1 contractors to individual operators

Staking U

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